Episode 12: Should I End My Relationship? (LIVE from BDK 500 hour Mixed Mover camp)

In this special LIVE episode, Cameron Shayne & Mark Baratto sit down with his students on day 9 of a 30-day BDK 500 hour Mixed Mover camp at Budokon University, for a mind science session.

When asked who want to participate, Jules speaks up looking for some answers on why he is questioning his relationship with his girlfriend, and if his feelings are strong enough to stay with her.

For more details and to sign-up, please visit:  BDK 500 Hour Mixed Mover Camp.


This unique and life-changing training camp is the longest and most extensive program that Budokon University offers. For 30-days we bring people together from all walks of life, movement backgrounds, skill levels, and fitness goals and transform them into BDK mixed movement artists. Our focus on nutrition, mixed movement training, and mental coaching produces extraordinary results in both the new mover and the professional teacher.


For 30 days you will train daily with founder Cameron Shayne and the BU staff of Black Belt Professors. All students will be trained at a professional level allowing those inspired to teach BDK Yoga and BDK Calisthenics to test for both certifications. All students will also be eligible to test for their BDK Martial Arts Red Belt on the final weekend of the course. Educating students in 3 different systems of movement within a 30-day time frame would be next to impossible for most systems. Budokon is unique because our 32 years of researched and tested movement curriculum interchanges seamlessly between our yoga, martial arts, and calisthenics curriculums. This allows our educators to tailor the focus of each day’s training and technique around its multiple uses and variable applications across each category.

About the Author
Mark Baratto has over 15 years of marketing and sales experience specializing in Psychological based Sales & Marketing, Story Creation, and Customer Acquisition. His expertise lies in understanding people’s psyche, what motivates them, and the behavioral science behind what drives their actions - using 30 years of tested & proven persuasion principles. He provides proven psychological skills that help his clients capture the attention of their dream customer, turning them into life-long raving fans.

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