Episode 14: Are You Playing the Victim? Yes, #youtoo!

On today’s controversial episode with Cameron Shayne & Mark Baratto, we recruited special guests, Melayne Shayne and Jose Rivera, to discuss the topic of victimization.  We cover the whole construct of victim language, mentality, and the decision-making process.

We help to answer questions like, Is the world happening “to you,” instead of “for you?”  What strategies and tactics are you using in your life to feed your victim mentality?

In a very honest conversation, we cover a number of topics like what’s happening in Hollywood and the #metoo movement, and how this may be feeding a victim mentality instead of creating an empowered one.

About the Author
Mark Baratto has over 15 years of marketing and sales experience specializing in Psychological based Sales & Marketing, Story Creation, and Customer Acquisition. His expertise lies in understanding people’s psyche, what motivates them, and the behavioral science behind what drives their actions - using 30 years of tested & proven persuasion principles. He provides proven psychological skills that help his clients capture the attention of their dream customer, turning them into life-long raving fans.

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