My Interview on the Blame it on Buffett Podcast

In this guest episode, Alia Moore interviews Mark Baratto on the Blame it on Buffett Podcast.

This is an exclusive “role reversal” where Alia has me on as a guest on her podcast. If you ever wanted to know who the guy was behind the Backyards of Key West podcast, this is your chance!

More on the Blame it on Buffett Podcast

A podcast about Jimmy Buffett, Parrot Heads, Trop Rock, and all things escapism adjacent!

I had a great time chatting with Mark because not only did we talk about Key West and his awesome Backyards of Key West Instagram account and podcast, we also kind of geeked out about podcasting and marketing. I hope that if you have ever been on the fence about starting that podcast or other creative project, that this episode will inspire you!


Check out this episode!

About the Author
Mark Baratto has over 15 years of marketing and sales experience specializing in Psychological based Sales & Marketing, Story Creation, and Customer Acquisition. His expertise lies in understanding people’s psyche, what motivates them, and the behavioral science behind what drives their actions - using 30 years of tested & proven persuasion principles. He provides proven psychological skills that help his clients capture the attention of their dream customer, turning them into life-long raving fans.

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