Mind Science

Episode 23: The Wall, an Instagram Egg, & a Ton of Laughs

In the episode, Mark Baratto and Cameron Shayne discuss current events happening in the world and how you can apply this way of thinking into positively impacting your life.

Episode 21: What Kind of Leader are You?

In this episode, Cameron Shayne & Mark Baratto discuss and define what it means to be a strong leader and how you may need to be disagreeable in the short term in order to make long-term change.

Episode 20: Growing Into Self-Awareness

Cameron Shayne & Mark Baratto discuss the 3 stages of awareness:

1. Imitation 2. Integration 3. Innovation

Episode 18: Are You Being Punished or Being Rewarded?

Do you want a happy life? How about one filled with worry or despair?

It’s obvious we all want the former, yet your interpretation of things can drastically change your life to the latter.

In this episode, Cameron Shayne & Mark Baratto discuss Tony Robbins, the #metoo movement, and how human beings listen to what they really want to hear.

How you listen to this episode can radically change your life.

Episode 17: A Discussion on Plant Medicine with the One & Only, Josh Berkman

An intimate discussion with Cameron Shayne & Mark Baratto on onesies, painted toes, beards, scarves… and Plant Medicine, with the one and only Josh Berkman – better known as The People’s Warrior.

Episode 15: Is There a GOD? One of us Believes & the Other Doesn’t

In this episode, Cameron Shayne & Mark Baratto discuss the existence of God.

One of us believes there is a God and the other doesn’t.  You can only imagine where this episode goes…

Episode 14: Are You Playing the Victim? Yes, #youtoo!

On today’s controversial episode with Cameron Shayne & Mark Baratto, we recruited special guests, Melayne Shayne and Jose Rivera, to discuss the topic of victimization.  We cover the whole construct of victim language, mentality, and the decision-making process.

We help to answer questions like, Is the world happening “to you,” instead of “for you?”  What strategies and tactics are you using in your life to feed your victim mentality?

In a very honest conversation, we cover a number of topics like what’s happening in Hollywood and the #metoo movement, and how this may be feeding a victim mentality instead of creating an empowered one.