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Fantasy Fest & Event Planning with Nadene Grossman Or

In our first episode, Mark Baratto speaks with Nadene Grossman Orr who handles all of the planning for Fantasy Fest, the Annual Key West Songwriters Festival, and many more events through her company We’ve Got The Keys. We go deep into why she moved to Key West and what she loves about living and working…

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Landscape Design Talk with Craig Reynolds

In this episode, Mark Baratto sits down with Craig Reynolds to discuss how he created a widely successful landscape architect business on our small 2×4 mile island. Craig’s one of a kind hardscape and landscape design has set him up as HGTV’s Ultimate Outdoor Winner 2019. MORE ON CRAIG via HGTV’s Interview Craig Reynolds has 22…

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Episode 24: Do You Have The Will to Put in the Work?

In this episode, Cameron Shayne and Mark Baratto discuss how this one little thing you can do every day that will create extraordinary results over time.

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Episode 23: The Wall, an Instagram Egg, & a Ton of Laughs

In the episode, Mark Baratto and Cameron Shayne discuss current events happening in the world and how you can apply this way of thinking into positively impacting your life.

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Episode 21: What Kind of Leader are You?

In this episode, Cameron Shayne & Mark Baratto discuss and define what it means to be a strong leader and how you may need to be disagreeable in the short term in order to make long-term change.

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Episode 18: Are You Being Punished or Being Rewarded?

Do you want a happy life? How about one filled with worry or despair? It’s obvious we all want the former, yet your interpretation of things can drastically change your life to the latter. In this episode, Cameron Shayne & Mark Baratto discuss Tony Robbins, the #metoo movement, and how human beings listen to what…

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