Cameron Shayne

Episode 24: Do You Have The Will to Put in the Work?

In this episode, Cameron Shayne and Mark Baratto discuss how this one little thing you can do every day that will create extraordinary results over time.

Episode 23: The Wall, an Instagram Egg, & a Ton of Laughs

In the episode, Mark Baratto and Cameron Shayne discuss current events happening in the world and how you can apply this way of thinking into positively impacting your life.

Episode 22: F#$K Budokon – The Fight Focus Podcast

In this episode, Cameron is interviewed by Buck Grant on his informative show, “The Fight Focus Podcast.

Cameron Shayne is the founder of Budokon, a Mixed Movement Art that includes martial arts, calisthenics, Mobility, and yoga. I trained with him over a month ago during a 5-day immersion for mobility work and got to know him quite well during that time.  His team is coming off of a vital MMA win. Rafael Lovato Jr, a world champion black belt who cross trains with Cameron just won at Bellator in a pivotal fight for his career. I had the honor of sparing with him while I was out there, along with the like of UFC TUF Veteran Josh Burkman and Hall of Fame BJJ practitioner Xande Ribeiro. These and many other high-end fighters are gravitating towards Cameron and in this episode of the Fight Focus, we discuss why.

1. Fighter vs martial artist (the value of a black belt fighter.) character

2. Mastery through service. (Servant master, student teacher, (56 min.)

3. Born Fighting. How every sport is a fighting art, INCLUDING BASEBALL. (Athletic competence.)

4. Beliefs and Constructs. Why nothing is REAL. Why do we have a structure like styles and belief systems? (Black belt system measurable progression.) Movement Matrix Lineage Systems.

5. Why did you create Budokon? MMA-The progression of efficiency but the regression of character.

6. Customer-Privilege Student-service

7. In your exploration of human consciousness, what new paradigms if any have shifted your perspective on things?

8. Why should Yogis do martial arts? Survival and thrive with it.

9. Fuck Budokon? Sleeping with Students and The anonymous Yogi.

Episode 21: What Kind of Leader are You?

In this episode, Cameron Shayne & Mark Baratto discuss and define what it means to be a strong leader and how you may need to be disagreeable in the short term in order to make long-term change.

Episode 1: The Modern Man & His Relationship with Modern-Day Yoga

In this first episode, Cameron Shayne & Mark Baratto discuss the modern man and his relationship with modern-day yoga.

Episode 20: Growing Into Self-Awareness

Cameron Shayne & Mark Baratto discuss the 3 stages of awareness:

1. Imitation 2. Integration 3. Innovation

Episode 19: The Secrets to Success of High-Level Athletes

Have you ever wondered how professional athletes perform at such high levels?  In this episode, Cameron Shayne & Mark Baratto reveals the secrets Cameron has learned from training these athletes, and how we can all apply them to our lives.